At Glass and Mirror Technologies we want to ensure that all elements of our business practice are provided with the best levels of care and service. It is for this reason that we incorporate our corporate social responsibility manifesto into the core fundamentals of our company.  This in turn aids us in the maintaining of our key relationships with employees, clients and suppliers.
At Glass and Mirror Technology we thrive on the innovative and creative ideas of our workforce. It is for this reason that we maintain excellent working conditions, high standards for risk assessments and compliance with health and safety laws. To be able to do this we:

  • Risk assessments on all projects prior, during and on completion to ensure and maintain the safety of employees, clients and third parties.
  • Keep the workplace clean and free from hazards that are likely to cause accidents.
  • Have a sustainable and energy efficient workplace.
  • Recycle and use recycled materials where possible.
  • Provide employees with first aid equipment and training.

At GMT we strive for a more sustainable future not only for our business but the environment in which we work in. To do this we aim to:

  • Create sustainable working environments.
  • Be energy efficient and therefore plan procedures to use as minimal water and energy as is required.
  • Responsibly source materials.
  • Use ethically approved products.
  • Recycle and use recycled parts and products where possible.
  • Affiliate with suppliers who trade in a sustainable manner.

"I just wanted to say how happy I am with with the service you gave me. Fitting out my new salon meant that I had a lot of worries and anticipation about the end result. Glass and Mirror advised me on all aspects of the design and encouraged me to be more innovative than I usually would. Everyone worked really hard and managed to keep within my budgets and time constraints, which was one of my main concerns. I now have an amazing salon and have been getting loads of compliments off my clients about how good the place looks."

Mrs. Stone, April 2010.