Infrared Heating Panels

Enhance your living space and improve energy efficiency with a stunning mirror infrared heater from Glass & Mirror Technology!

About Glass & Mirror's Domestic Infrared Heating Panels

A stylish, space-saving option, which is ideally suited to areas of your home where space is at a premium, GMT’s mirror infrared heaters add light to a living area, whilst offering an economical means of heating a room.

Available in a range of colours and styles to suit the aesthetics of your home, GMT mirror infrared heaters are constructed by hand in Yorkshire, using resistant, toughened glass, and the highest quality fixings and heating components.

Furthermore, GMT’s infrared heaters undergo a rigorous quality testing process, to ensure they provide exceptional lasting quality and durability.

Infrared heating panels also represent an energy-saving alternative to traditional forms of heating, such as night storage heaters and oil-filled electric radiators. Furthermore, they have been shown to be a far more efficient heat source than convection heating, which requires approximately 30% more energy to heat a room.


GMT supplies and installs the very latest mirror infrared heating panels to homes across Yorkshire and the North of England – contact us today for more details on our range of mirror infrared heating panels.


20% more efficient than standard electric heater


Eradicate black mould


Available in mirror and painted glass finishes